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I've been working on this for a month, I am currently focused on developing the skeletons (combat system, leveling, Inventory etc) for this game. 
Will start Phase02, with Art and level design.

Follow the game dev here :



Wobbly crying Kid. :P

2015-12-29 11:02:57 by ShadeMachine

Wonder why he is wobbling so much? 


Finally getting somewhere..

2015-12-23 15:35:28 by ShadeMachine


Weekly practice

2015-12-11 12:47:32 by ShadeMachine

After watching 'Sword of the Stranger' my work seems to have improved. today i made 2 simple clips: 

i will try to post atleast 3 clips in a week..

I'd love to receive critiques on these... i feel thats the only way i can progress further...!! thank you. :)



Sword of the Stranger.

2015-12-10 12:35:08 by ShadeMachine

One of best anime's i have ever seen..!!!  Oh man... wish i could create characters like these and animate them..!!! 



2015-12-09 04:28:01 by ShadeMachine

Started working on a samurai Sword fight Short.!!! coming out pretty cool so far.. !!


Hey, i wanted to know more abt Mr. Grim Natwick ( who was a great draftsman, known as the man who animated through out the history of animation) , and i was lucky to find a online exhibit of his work. 

I found some treasure!!!

2015-11-24 14:04:17 by ShadeMachine

Its simple... i found Walt Stanchfield's books..!!!! AND I FREAKIGN OUTTT..!!! 

I'd say its better than Richard willam's (wich gets all technical :P) in someways


2015-11-16 15:39:18 by ShadeMachine

Aaaneeemaaassson... Its haaal eeen dheee Timeeeeng aaannd eeen dee eeessppaaaceeeng


and DESIGN...!!